Jason Cox wrote:

In my on going quest to compile local scenery, I was wondering if you
just run a script that makes all the scenery or do you do each step
individualy ?
If you do run a script, is it posible for you to release it to the list
or on FlightGear ?
jason cox


I typically run the individual "prep" tools by hand ... and for the most part, once that's done, it's done and I don't have to do it again unless the underlying data changes (i.e. an update to vmap0 is released, or an update to SRTM, etc.) And in that case, I just have to re-prep that particular data set.

The one item that changes frequently is the airport data, but I run that tool by hand as well.

For the final scenery assembly, all the frontend scripts I run are in the src/BuildTiles/Parallel/ directory. This allows me to run a task server to manage the build (or a portion of it) and then I can throw as many clients as I have available at the job of actually building scenery. This is very disk io intensive though so it's not as conducive to massively distributing the work (like SETI for instance.)



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