On Monday, 20 December 2004 14:08, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> For what it's worth, I think that some sort of minimal built in gui for
> FG is still a good idea.  FG already provides a lot of support for
> developing an external gui

It still needs a bit of work though.
One cannot change the aircraft or location at the moment through an external 
I also noticed that connections have a direction associated (in/out).
To have a bi-directional connection does one have to use two seperate 
Also is the hz parameter required? Isn't it event driven?
Polling is evil!  ;-)

> The only issue is that for single PC, home users who aren't immensely
> computer savey, starting up multiple apps concurrently can be a bit
> tricky ... especially in a multiplatform / portable context.

The way I see it is we can have a GUI that the user launches that in turn 
loads FG in the background. Similar to fgrun but with a live connection like 
the flight instructor type setup.
When the user is done configuring aircraft, weather, etc  they press a "SYNC" 
or "FLY" button and the changes are sent to FG and FG is told to pop up 
(brought to the foreground).


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