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Jon Stockill wrote:
> Chris Metzler wrote:
> > Oh, one other thing.  If the plan is to combine Jon's UK info with
> > info submitted by others to develop a model location database, you
> > might find my post from that "Scenery" thread interesting -- it's
> > something I'm willing to contribute annually or whatever . . .
> I would imaging it should be fairly easy to import that information 
> automatically, assigning appropriate models based on the description. If
> these are put into their own group then it also becomes easy to remove 
> them from the database before importing an updated version - I'd 
> definitely be interested.

I already have a python script for pushing the magic carpet around
from lat/lon to lat/lon in FG for extracting ground elevations.  If
it seems to you like a reasonable thing for me to do, I'll start
generating ground elevations for chunks of this dataset?  There
are over 100,000 objects in the FAA's Digital Obstruction File, so
it's bound to take a while.  If there's an ASCII format you'd
prefer to get the data in, I'd like to see a line or two of it so
that I can send stuff to you in a way that's simplest for you.
Also, if there's a particular subset of the data (e.g. cooling
towers) you'd like to see first, that's easy enough to do as well.


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