On Tuesday 11 January 2005 22:24, Robicd wrote:
> That's a pity. I was confident I could use such files, that closes a
> promising scenario :-(
> Anyway I'll investigate further.

I tried converting .BGL files and extracting models from it about a year 
ago, without much luck. I had some success with simple buildings like flats 
and hangars, but as soon as it got a little complicated, it failed. Don't 
remember exactly which tools I used, but you might have a look at SCASM, 
SCDIS and ppe IIRC.

> That could be not an issue if the original creator of the .bgl releases
> the F.G. converted file under GPL too. Just an idea :-)

I mailed one of the authors of a 3rd-party MSFS scenery if he could just 
mail me the 3D models and textures. He refused because he didn't want the 
plain models to be spread around (?!?). But anyway, you could try the same. 
Maybe somebody else doesn't mind as long as he gets proper credit and it's 
put under the GPL.


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