Paul Surgeon writes:
> On Wednesday, 12 January 2005 10:29, Martin Spott wrote:
> > > One other possibility you might wanna consider is allowing uploads/
> > > dloads of terrain (e.g. tiles modified through fgsd).
> >
> > This is not as easy as it sounds because you'd have to redo the tiles
> > on every scenery update. The "right way" to incorporate manual scenery
> > changes would be to parametrize these changes and provide a method
> > to add them to the automatic scenery build.
> Ideally all changes made to the terrain should be done at the source.
> i.e. VMAP0 and friends

No,  you do not change the source as it is a 'known' entity
You make changes in a copy of the source perhaps stored in a different format

> fgsd should be able to display, edit and save the vector data then use the 
> terrgear generation tools to build the new tile and display the results.
> One could have a live online central repository (db) that handles the storage.
> fgsd can connect, request a tile of vector data for editing (The db can do 
> some sort of locking on that tile to avoid simultaneous edits)
> Once the user is finished they upload the changes for everyone to use.

This is exactly why we are discussing PostGIS
> BTW : Does anyone know of a free VMAP0 editor for Linux?

No,  but Jump does many things including talking to PostGIS
as doew/will uDIG JUMPS successor

and there are several VMAP0 to shapefile translators and PostGIS
understands shapefiles



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