I am working on making a 3d aircraft model, which I
would like to use in FlightGear.

The only information that I have found on how to do
this is the "Mini-HOWTO: 3D Aircraft Models in

I have been unable to follow this, so think that there
are thinbgs that I need to know before I get to this

For instance, the How-to starts off with this, 
"The easiest way to load a new model is to set the
property at startup with the --prop: command-line
option; for example, to use a 3D aircraft model that
you have installed in $FG_ROOT/Models/my-cessna.wrl,
you could invoke FlightGear like this (under Unix-like

fgfs --prop:/sim/model/path=Models/my-cessna.wrl"

There are no .wrl files in my FlightGear installation,
so where do I find this information?

Next, there are detailled instructions for how to
animate rudder, throttle, etc., but how does the
program know what part of my model is the rudder,
throttle, etc., and what makes the part move?

Where do I go to look for the information that bridges
the step between making a 3d model in a CAD program,
and using this How-to?



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