Have you been successful in implementing your asymmetric frustum hack ?
It might be a good idea to add it to the official FlightGear code. It is
one of the features that might fill in the gap between "amateur" flight
simulation and a professional product. It might even be useful to have
any arbitrary frustum, meaning that the screen could have any position
with respect to the subject. The difficult part would then be to figure
out which parameters to use. Maybe I could try and help with that.

Actually, when I talked about FlightGear at work, our visual systems
(screens, projectors, optical systems) specialist asked about asymmetric
frustums right away. Not to mention projecting on a spherical surface,
which would probably need work in the video board itself, not to mention
the drivers and the software part (OpenGL doesn't do it yet, does it ?).

For those who might have had trouble understanding (or explaining) what
the problem was, I found a page a few weeks ago where it was put quite

Jorge Van Hemelryck

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