> From: Josh Babcock
> Right, thanks. It does say .35 in the POH.
> Now I have a YASim engine question.  I'm trying to rebuild the YASim file 
> from 
> scratch to see if I can get it to work. In README.yasim, the line:
>                 eng-rpm:      The engine RPM at which eng-power is developed
> what does eng-power mean?  Is this the RPM where the engine catches?

Sometimes published engine specifications will say X hp at Y rpm.  If you don't 
have that then just use the specified maximum rpm, or maximum sustained rpm, or 
something along those lines.  You would not want to use a "dive rpm" or 
"war/emergency power rpm" number.  For the Mustang I used 3000 (published max 
for merlin 1650), but according to specifications you could spin it up to 
something like 3500+ in a dive without blowing the engine.

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