Dave Culp wrote:
I made a large (1000 meter) sign to place over the coordinates for Sembach and Enkenbach, Germany, because the scenery data for that area is not good enough for finding towns visually.


It would be possible to put these over lots of towns and have them switched on/off with a key binding. Is there any interest in that sort of thing being applied elsewhere, and on a large scale, amongst the developers?

It's easy enough to do using the date from GNS (http://earth-info.nga.mil/gns/html/) the biggest quiestion is how to generate the signs - imagemagick could be used to generate a texture to add to a standard model (and an appropriate xml file could be created at the same time to select it) but that would result in insane texture usage. A better way may be to generate the letters seperately, and add those to the scenery (not unlike a variation on the hollywood sign).


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