On Thursday 02 Jun 2005 23:30, Sam Heyman wrote:

> Can one create a new texture 
> using Blender? I would like to paint my aircraft (RC UAV) white and have 2
> blue stripes on the wings, the trouble is I have no idea where to start...

I am just the opposite of an expert on these matters, but I think the general 
idea is that you actually create the textures in something like the GIMP and 
you can apply them using Blender.  Which I've just figured out how to do 

A basic guide on how to produce textured ground objects (say a building) for 
flightgear preferably using Blender and Gimp since they're cross-platform and 
free would be very useful indeed.  The general ideas can be learned from the 
wealth of blender tutorials out there, but something specific would be great.  
I'm just feeling my way around myself at the moment, and not qualified to 
write it!



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