Vivian Meazza wrote:
> Good news: I've got Andy's code to run. Just a few minor changes.
> Bad news: It doesn't work.
> I've set the property "/controls/engines/engine[0]/boost-control" to
> a fixed value. Yasim shows the correct Boost value. But there's no
> power.

What does "show the correct boost value" mean?  You mean the property
is set, or that YASim is seeing the throttle setting but somehow not
acting on it?

My only suggestion is to look harder for a typo or somesuch; make sure
the property you are setting is the one you are reading.  Note that
higher up in the same file you are already using the same trick:

      <control-input axis="/controls/flight/elevator" control="FLAP0"/>
      <control-input axis="/controls/flight/elevator-trim" control="FLAP0"/>

I'm quite certain this technique works.  It's been in there, and
actively used, since day one.


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