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After removing Xorg and upgrading XFree to the latest CVS version, I am finally able to use FlightGear in 24-bits color. However, I am still not seeing any 3D clouds.

I have an ATI Radeon 9200SE graphic card. I remember 3D Clouds was working fine when it (the code for the new 3D Clouds) was first added the code to the CVS. I haven't been able to get the 3D clouds to show up in subsequent updates.

What am I missing?

Harald at one point added a check to make sure the RenderTexture context was actually available. It almost looks like this was a bit too drastic.


in simgear..bbcache.cxx commited May 15th
*** 114,120 ****
// rt->Reset("rgba tex2D");
if( rt->Initialize(256, 256, true) ) {
- rtAvailable = true;
if (rt->BeginCapture()) {
glViewport(0, 0, 256, 256);
--- 116,122 ----
// rt->Reset("rgba tex2D");
if( rt->Initialize(256, 256, true) ) {
if (rt->BeginCapture()) {
+ rtAvailable = true;
glViewport(0, 0, 256, 256);

You can try to reverse that change (moving the rtAvailable = true; one line up). But you normaly have a warning in the log if the error comes from this part of the code.

For what it's worth, on my 16bit depth buffer laptop, the new 3d clouds used to work, but sometime around this time frame they stopped working. I now get a no valid render buffer message. I wonder if this check is actually too agressive, or perhaps isn't coded 100% correctly???

I also get no shadows on my laptop (16bit depth buffer). The entire scene goes darker and I enter a software rendering only mode (i.e. 5 seconds per frame). Unchecking the shadow toggle box returns things to working order (i.e. no shadows.)



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