Hi all!

gerard robin wrote:
> You could notice that  apt VHHH is now , not an island but on full ground area

Thanks for the reports.

For your information: From the VHHH-tile I was actually able to identify
the actual trigger for the buggy tiles.

The trigger does lie in the modifications. Note that I'm talking about
the "trigger", not about the "origin", as the part of the algorithm I
modified actually is robust and correct - in contrast to the old version
of that algorithm.

I was able to verify that the data the modified part of the algorithm
delivers is correct even in the case of the buggy tiles, but the rest of
the TerraGear build chain cannot handle these correct results.

The seemingly obvious "fix" - reverting to the old algorithm - isn't a
fix. The reason for the modification in the first place were tiles
consistently failing to build, without a workaround or other fix. Here
the old algorithm was not robust enough for the data it got. Reverting
to the old algorithm would therefore make these failed tiles reappear.


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