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2008/3/19, Ralf Gerlich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> However, the faulty tiles - tiles which should show only ground where
> there should be ocean as well - are bugs, not inaccuracies.

I spotted another type of faulty tile : ocean where there should be ground,
@ N47°56 W04°07
Check out Quimper's airport (LFRQ) : it's hovering over the sea.

I am interested in reports about straight ground tiles in the ocean or
> in lakes, as Gerard reported in his original mail:
Some locations in France (I give lat,long somewhere in the middle of the
faulty tile, and an airport nearby) :
Near Bordeaux
45.50 , -1.11     (LFCY, LFDK, LFIV)
45.08 , -0.67     (LFDU, LFBD, LFDY)
45.87 , -1.25     (LFCD)

Near Brest
47.93 , -4.11     (LFRQ)
48.18 , -4.62     (LFRL)

I hope you'll find without too much trouble the bug behind all this.

Jocelyn Couetdic
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