Tim Moore wrote:
> Is it practical to use the Landsat classification stuff you guys have demoed 
> on
> your web pages to generate our own coastline data?

Yes, we can extract the coastline data, but it might still require some
further editing to eliminate misclassifications. The editing effort
might still be less than the effort required for correcting the missing
data in GSHHS, given that we have equalized Landsat data for the whole
world. We can try using the typically available Landsat mosaics, but
these only have RGB data, while the waterbodies are most reliably
classified using RGB and infrared.

Still, it's not possible to extract waterways automatically in a
reliable way from Landsat data, so we will still have to adapt VMAP0
data ourselves. Maybe the OSM data is of help there.

Note that Martin has imported OSM data into the database, making it more
easily available for TerraGear, as the OSM format itself is a custom
format not currently supported by OGR. The guys at OSM also seem to be
in the process of changing their format, but there's also a licensing issue.


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