LeeE wrote:
> So it looks like we either live with the problem until someone else 
> creates a new database with all the problems fixed, or bite the 
> bullet and fix it manually ourselves.

Yep, that's the spirit ;-)

> Would it be possible to cobble together a small utility that would 
> allow small parcels of the scenery database e.g. 1x1 deg tiles, to 
> be checked and corrected manually without setting up the full 
> scenery build system?  That way, many people could work on it 
> whenever they feel like it.  I've had to do this sort of manual 
> data correlation/verification a couple of times over the years, on 
> different projects I've worked on, and while it sounds like an 
> onerous and tedious task it's not too bad if you can just do bits 
> of it, now and then, as a break from your primary tasks.

You could use qgis or any other GIS for that. No need to work on scenery
files and no need for firing up the scenery generation system at all.

It would still be possible to allocate the tasks in 1x1 deg tile portions.

Still someone would have to implement that logic in a convenient way for
editors to use.


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