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> Betreff: [Flightgear-devel] Traffic Manager II
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> Datum: Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008, 11:50
> Hi All,
> Here's just a quick heads up regarding some future
> plans. I've been planning 
> to work on a revamped traffic manager for quite some time
> now. Yesterday, 
> with a big thunderstorm rolling in, I figured I had a good
> excuse to stay 
> indoors and get some coding done.
> So what is traffic manager II? Well the main difference is
> that it will become 
> a lot easier for users to develop their own traffic.
> Instead of going through 
> a complicated procedure of compiling a sequence of flights
> into an xml file, 
> the new version just requires a plain text file that
> specifies which aircraft 
> are available and which flights are required to be
> operated. Traffic manager 
> than automatically assigns flights to aircraft. In essence,
> the strict 
> one-to-one coupling of Aircraft and routes is no longer
> there, but determined 
> dynamically. 
> The biggest advantages of this approach are twofold: 1)
> Easier User 
> configurability, and 2) increased flexibility.  At this
> stage, I cannot tell 
> wether traffic manager II is going to be backward
> compatible with the 
> currently existing xml files. I hope to be able to do that.
> I'm cross posting this message to both flightgear-devel
> and flightgear-users, 
> because I know there are quite a few flightgear-users
> subscribers working on 
> developing traffic plans. I will certainly take a few more
> weeks (maybe even 
> a few months) before this will be production ready.
> However, if you are 
> interested in the new format, feel free to drop you a note,
> and I'm happy to  
> make a concept of the new format available. Many thanks go
> out to Gabor Toth, 
> in this respect, for laying out the ground work for the new
> traffic format. 
> Cheers,
> Durk
Sounds good, but there is one question left for me cause I amybe did not 
understnad it right:
Will it be still possible to create AI-Traffic after real timetables?


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