Durk Talsma wrote:
So what is traffic manager II? Well the main difference is that it will become a lot easier for users to develop their own traffic. Instead of going through a complicated procedure of compiling a sequence of flights into an xml file, the new version just requires a plain text file that specifies which aircraft are available and which flights are required to be operated.
Hi Durk,

My biggest problem with FlightGear's AI traffic is not the complexity of the XML files, nor the need to assign individual aircraft to flights (although anything that reduces that complexity is good). Instead, the biggest issue that I can see is that there is no way for FlightGear users to share their flight patterns with each other.

For example, my local airport is Melbourne's Tullamarine (YMML), and I can create AI flights from Tullamarine to various Australian and international destinations. There are other FlightGear users modelling flights arriving at their local airports, some of which will correspond to the flights that I have modelled leaving from Tullamarine. There is no way for those users to access the flights that I have created. This means that each user creates their own AI traffic XML database, without the ability to share their efforts with other users.

One solution to this problem is to create a shared database of every (well, every /regularly scheduled/) flight everywhere in the world. This idea is similar to FlightGear's world scenery database. That project claims to aim for world domination, so why not have the same aim for the AI traffic database? Of course, problems with this idea are that 1) maintaining the database is a huge job, 2) distributing it will be a large download, and 3) I don't want my CPU burning cycles to simulate traffic on the other side of the world.

Another solution is similar to this, but to download only those flights for a specific airport -- or maybe for a specific region.

A third idea is to download flights only for a set of airports (for example, only those airports that I frequent).

Of course, what I really want is to fly from anywhere to anywhere, and to see all of the corresponding air traffic along the way. Updated automatically, and in real-time. Could you add that to your to-do list, please? :-)

Greg Hawkes

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