Martin Spott wrote:
> Greg Hawkes wrote:
>> One solution to this problem is to create a shared database of every 
>> (well, every /regularly scheduled/) flight everywhere in the world. This 
>> idea is similar to FlightGear's world scenery database. That project 
>> claims to aim for world domination, so why not have the same aim for the 
>> AI traffic database? Of course, problems with this idea are that 1) 
>> maintaining the database is a huge job, [...]
> I certainly don't want to cross Durk's plans. Nevertheless, given the
> case that Durk _does_ come to the conclusion, that having such a shared
> database of AI flight plans is a solution, then I think we should
> manage to co-locate such a DB at the given infrastructure and share the
> workload of maintenance among the involved people ....  Your name is
> noted  ;-)

I'd started work on a db based on the current traffic manager 
requirements, and it was all getting rather complex. The changes you've 
mentioned would appear to simplify the database requirements somewhat, 
so I'd be happy to add something onto the scenery db system to support 
it. I doubt I have the time to maintain it though, so if someone wants 
to volunteer to keep an eye on things and prod me when changes to the db 
structure or front end are required then it'll make best use of the time 
I have available.


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