Greg Hawkes wrote:

> One solution to this problem is to create a shared database of every 
> (well, every /regularly scheduled/) flight everywhere in the world. This 
> idea is similar to FlightGear's world scenery database. That project 
> claims to aim for world domination, so why not have the same aim for the 
> AI traffic database? Of course, problems with this idea are that 1) 
> maintaining the database is a huge job, [...]

I certainly don't want to cross Durk's plans. Nevertheless, given the
case that Durk _does_ come to the conclusion, that having such a shared
database of AI flight plans is a solution, then I think we should
manage to co-locate such a DB at the given infrastructure and share the
workload of maintenance among the involved people ....  Your name is
noted  ;-)

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