Hi James,

On Sunday 27 July 2008 18:06, James Turner wrote:
>   - header inclusion is a very very real compilation time issue,
> especially for gcc since they're not shared (MSVC can do magic caching
> I believe). As I have time / boredom, I'm going to start reviewing
> header / source files in turn to do minimisation on their include
> trees. This will basically mean removing all the includes, seeing what
> breaks, and gradually adding them back in, but it's a bit more
> scientific than that. The golden rule is headers should be independent
> (pull in their dependencies) but minimal (not pull in anything they
> don't directly need). I'm also going to see if there's places where
> forward declarations in headers can replace actual includes.

You might be interested in some work done by Thomas Foerster. Thomas has done 
a fairly detailed analysis of the current interdependencies in FlightGear's 
include files. IIRC, Thomas has a patched version of FlightGear that already 
removes most of the interdependencies. 

These updates are not publicly available yet. I had agreed to review his 
changes and commit them, as part of one of my current FlightGear priorities, 
but hadn't gotten around to do so yet.


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