On 27 Jul 2008, at 21:02, Tim Moore wrote:

>> If you're doing that work, I'd like you to follow a *really*  
>> minimalist stance
> i.e., if a header file only contains pointers or references to  
> another class or
> includes them as arguments in uninstantiated templates (e.g.,
> osg::ref_ptr<foo>), then that classe's include file should not be  
> sucked in; a
> local class declaration should be made instead.
> This will generate more work for you, but is really the way to go in  
> terms of
> reducing compiler dependencies.

For pointers, a forward declaration works - for template, auto_ptr and  
osg::ref_ptr, I'm not totally clear what you mean. With auto_ptr, the  
following can cause problems with virtual destructors not being called  
on older (MSVC6, I think) versions of visual studio:

[the following is from memory of several wasted days a couple of years  
ago, stepping through the generated assembly of MSVC6. I think I have  
the particular case right]

class foo;

class bar
        // no explicit dtor!

        auto_ptr<foo> mFoo;

class wibble : public foo
   virtual ~wibble()
     // .... highly important stuff

   bar a;
   a.mFoo.reset(new wibble);
   // a goes out out scope, its compiler-generated dtor gets run,  
destroying mFoo
// error, wibble's dtor was not run

If we're requiring a never MSVC than that, I believe we're fine. And  
perhaps you meant something else entirely?

>> In C++ code they should be <cstring> and friends in order to ensure  
>> that the
> functions are all declared in the std namespace.

Okay, when I'm bored I'll do the monster patches to fix that.


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