* Erik Hofman -- Sunday 27 July 2008:
> Yeah I know it uses the "old" HUD, but I didn't even know there was a 
> new one.. :)

Oh, you did. You just forgot about it. The new one isn't *that* new,
anyway. It's just a heavily cleaned up, slightly extended and much
more flexible version of the old. It was work in progress when
Mathias announced his plib->osg switch. That's why I stopped writing
on it and never finished it. But it's fully usable and much better
than the old one already. (You can see it in action when you use the

> If there is a proper replacement somewhere then it's fine by my to just 
> point to the new HUD in the configuration file  and remove the old data.

The replacement exists already and kind-of works here. But one of
Curt's commits broke it (IIRC :-). Need to fix that first. I'll
commit the change then once the result is equivalent.


PS: sorry for not removing the "(was: ...)" parts in subjects. I
    *always* forget that. I even hacked my client to warn me in
    big red letters. No chance.  :-)

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