On 27 Jul 2008, at 17:24, Durk Talsma wrote:

> You might be interested in some work done by Thomas Foerster. Thomas  
> has done
> a fairly detailed analysis of the current interdependencies in  
> FlightGear's
> include files. IIRC, Thomas has a patched version of FlightGear that  
> already
> removes most of the interdependencies.
> These updates are not publicly available yet. I had agreed to review  
> his
> changes and commit them, as part of one of my current FlightGear  
> priorities,
> but hadn't gotten around to do so yet.

I'd be happy to review them, can't do the committing part.

Incidentally, a minor rant - even in the past week, I've seen the 'XXX  
is being worked on, person YYY has lots of changes which they haven't  
committed for arbitrary (justifiable) reason ZZZ'. I'd like to get  
involved in hacking on some actual user-visible changes (see a future  
email for that), but right now I'm struggling to get a handle on, for  
example, which bits of the OSG code are being worked on and which  

Eg, I'd like to pitch in and remove lots of cruft in SimGear/scene  
(and screen) but for all I know someone already has done that work in  
their local tree. In a way I'm happy to go ahead and fix stuff - if  
people insist on keeping changes out of the tree, it's their problem  
when work gets done twice, but it's still frustrating and wasteful.

Hmmm, I think I also have an upcoming email about (the difficulty of)  
getting a handle on who's doing what (i.e project tracking), but it's  
one of those ones I want to word quite carefully :)


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