On Sunday 27 July 2008 21:24, James Turner wrote:

> Incidentally, a minor rant - even in the past week, I've seen the 'XXX
> is being worked on, person YYY has lots of changes which they haven't
> committed for arbitrary (justifiable) reason ZZZ'. I'd like to get
> involved in hacking on some actual user-visible changes (see a future
> email for that), but right now I'm struggling to get a handle on, for
> example, which bits of the OSG code are being worked on and which
> aren't.

Yes, it seems like a lot the old school developers have gone into hibernation. 
I know first hand that a number of previously active developers are reluctant 
to contribute, due to a disproportionate amount of unconstructive negative 
criticism bestowed upon them by a small number of people on this list. 
Unfortunately, a significant proportion of well intended new contributers has 
undergone the same fate. 

Maybe this is a good opportunity to mention that I'm really pleased to see a 
number of familiar names frequently reappear on the list (you, Erik, Fred). I 
hope the rest of the old schoolers will follow. I also hope that this will be 
the return to a more open discussion of key development issues and the 
development of a new vision for the future of FlightGear. I also hope that 
this might be the start of a return to the nice friendly, cooperative and 
friendly place that this list once was. 


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