i noticed that on the f16 the speedbrakes have no effect at all and i
managed to track it down to the fact that the various coefficients use
fcs/mag-speedbrake-pos-rad on input which never gets set anywhere (so
it is always 0).

digging through the cvs logs i found that in version 1.17 of f16.xml
the output of fcs/speedbrake-cmd-norm used to be fcs/speedbrake-pos-rad
and it was set to 1.05 (which would translate roughly to 60 degrees).
so i tried applying this patch:

--- f16.xml     18 Jul 2008 14:41:41 -0000      1.50
+++ f16.xml     31 Jul 2008 20:22:09 -0000
@@ -572,6 +572,12 @@
+           <pure_gain name="Speedbrake Deflection">
+               <input>fcs/speedbrake-pos-norm</input>
+               <gain>60.</gain>
+               <output>fcs/speedbrake-pos-deg</output>
+           </pure_gain>
         <channel name="Landing Gear">

now the various coefficients change when i activate the speedbrake but
there is still no noticeable effect on the plane.

does anybody have any ideas how to fix the speedbrakes?


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