Alex Romosan wrote:
> Erik Hofman writes:
>> Looking at the code it looks like setting speed-break-pos-norm should be 
>> the same as setting speed-break-pos-rad so the patch shouldn't have any 
>> effect.
> look at aero/coefficient/CDDsb or fcs/mag-speedbrake-pos-rad in the
> property browser. when you deploy the speed brakes the values are
> still zero (they never change).
> and i looked at the code speed-break-pos-norm never sets
> speed-break-pos-rad (it couldn't really, what would be the
> correlation).

I just tested it and it seems have less effect than I expected. hmm.
Have to look at it some more.

Both are affected when one or the other is changed since they are tied 
using the property manager to the proper function in 
JSBSim/models/FGFCS.cpp which sets the same internal variable.


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