Alexis wrote

> Vivian Meazza wrote:
> >  I'm seeing segfaults from time to time with Windows and CVS/Head
> >  trying to start when mp is running. Csaba Halász reports the same.
> >  It's most frustrating to try to track this one down, because it is
> >  not reliably repeatable. Assuming that we are not the only ones
> >  seeing this, it would seem like a bit of a show stopper to me.
> I'm seeing those segfaults from time to time. Sometime  with MP
> enabled, some time with --enable-real-weather-fetch.  Some other time
> this segfault happens without any network based feature enabled,
> then re-enabling the network features makes the segfault disappear.
> I have 3 GB ram, no swap, no other apps running excepted Gnome
> Desktop. Rebooting Linux always makes the segfault disapear for a
> while. :-(
> Also, using gdb prevents this segfault to appear. It looks like having
> a timming issue in the different processes.
> I really don't know from where to begin to help trace this one. Any
> guidance to help this bug hunt would be appreciated as this one is
> very annoying.

Thanks for this info. It rather blows Csaba's and my theory out of the water
- we are looking for a bug in the input data when a mp client joins. We
thought at one time it was in mp-nimitz, but that's been discounted. Like
you, I find running in debug makes it disappear!

Csaba might have trapped the bug last night - we await more info.

Of course, it's not happening right now.


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