Am 16.10.11 00:30, schrieb Martin Spott:
> HB-GRAL wrote:
>> Am 15.10.11 10:53, schrieb Martin Spott:
>>> I think the only solution is to make GPC obsolete - either by replacing
>>> GPC by something different but functional equivalent or "simply" (TM ;-)
>>> by avoiding any polygon clipping in 'fgfs-construct' overall.
>> Are there any concrete suggestions ?
> As James wrote, one option would be to replace GPC by another clipper
> (not my expertise).  The second option I am investigating is to do all
> the cleaning and clipping, including cutting holes for line data and
> airports into the land cover, directly in PostGIS or, preferred, GRASS,
> thus obsoleting the entire vector preparation in 'fgfs-construct'
> Cheers,
>       Martin.

There is so many "software" to do exactly this task. I could not imagine 
that our scenery is THAT important for this developement.

Cheers, Yves

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