On 25 Apr 2013, at 15:28, Stuart Buchanan <stuar...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I've not had any time to look at the screenshot/terrasync directory issue.  I
> strongly suspect that I could fix it, but I only have so many hours in the 
> day,
> and as mentioned before am spread pretty thin.

I suspect both of these are my 'fault', but equally I was only made aware of 
the TerraSync one a few weeks ago, and the screenshot one, this is the first 
I've heard of it.

In both cases a defect in bug tracker, CC-ed to me, with some detailed 
information, would greatly help, since these are not features I use, so  I need 
to know what behaviour is considered 'right'. In particular saying it should 
work 'as it always did' is not helpful. 

In the particular case of the Terrasync path I am especially confused because 
it's not possible to change the terrasync path once fgfs is running, as never 
has been as far as I know; since we can't adjust scenery paths with restarting 
the sim. So, to re-iterate, the defect really needs to explain what the 
intended use-case was here, since I am clueless.

BTW, concerning the larger issue of different rendering pipelines / approaches, 
my opinion is, and remains, that the long-term solution is separate viewer 
codebases - while a plethora would be bad, we would already benefit from a 
'fixed-function, no shaders' renderer codebase distinct from a Rembrandt 
renderer and modern, forward-rendering OpenGL 3.x pipeline. This needs the 
viewer to be cleanly split out from the simulation backend, via HLA, which is 
exactly what Mathias (and soon, myself) are working towards, but slowly.

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