On Thursday 20 June 2013 17:55:40 grtuxhangar team wrote:

> I guess the professional you are has done statistics about the FG users
> world, thus you are able to be more precise about those unfortunate users
> who are getting only "the single frame per second", which hardware? which
> operating systems ?

With an AMD Radeon HD 5670 using free radeon driver I've never seen 
performance of more than 15fps with Rembrandt and if I turn shadow details up 
so they don't look crappy I get about 3-4fps. So yes, we do exist. So can you 
please stop the insults and take your arrogance elsewhere?

> Regarding ALS i never said we must have the entire ALS  pack with Rembrandt
> , we should be able to split it in order to choose which part is good and
> working  for the user.

All parts of ALS work perfectly fine for me and I get between 15 and 30fps. 
Perfectly usable.


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