On 20 Jun 2013, at 17:54, Stefan Seifert <n...@detonation.org> wrote:

> With an AMD Radeon HD 5670 using free radeon driver I've never seen 
> performance of more than 15fps with Rembrandt and if I turn shadow details up 
> so they don't look crappy I get about 3-4fps. 

And with a i3770K and a GTX670, I get some hit from ALS (10-30%) but Rembrandt 
instantly drops me to 20fps, and < 10fps I use an aircraft I actually want to 
fly (777 or Citation) and go to any major airport (EGKK, EHAM, EDDM, EDDF, 

This is at 2560x1600, but on the 670 I would be highly surprised if I'm 
fill-rate limited, given that AA is off, and the general suboptimal size of our 
primitive batches.

Emilian has explained on IRC this might be due to the out-of-the-box / default 
config for Rembrandt being highly suboptimal, which I didn't yet evaluate, I 
would be delighted to have it more usable. I'm going to test further over the 

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