I have the same problem but I could not easily change the XSLT to generate
different page sequences. (The data is tables from a DB that go into a report.)
However, since the PDFs are to be viewed only online, I split the input (with
position()) and generate multiple page sets. That way no one PDF stream is more
than a few hundred kilobytes over a 56k connection.

In researching this, I found the "Driver.setBufferFile(File buf)" method. I've
set this, but it doesn't seem to work. There are no Javadocs on it. I've looked
at the code but I don't think its being actively called by the renderer.

Does anybody know the intent and design of this function? Do any developers
know if it will be implemented soon?

FOP is great, but it requires way too much kid gloving when it comes to
performance and memory utilization. I read a note a while back (2000 I think)
that someone said they were trying to achieve 100% conformance with the spec
before they addressed these issues. I might agree with that, but few web
browsers were 100% compliant with W3C standards before they were used daily by
10s of millions of users. FOP is in a good enough state to be useful in
production environments. Isn't it time to address the scalability aspects of
FOP to meet those needs?

I suggest that "out of the box" FOP needs to manage its own resources much
better. XSLT is already a drain. 


--- Cyril Rognon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have already posted a message about memory issue but it went unseen.
> My problem is : I have 50-500 pages document to generate. Fop handles this 
> perfectly and fastly (1200 ms / page average).
> I just have one draw back : I need to provide much memory to FOP.
> I have managed to have no more than 20 pages in each page sequences and yet 
> need more than 128 Mo  for a 81 pages document.
> I wloud like to know if someone can help or tell me where to look to 
> downsize my memory requierments. If I succeed, Fop will be heavily used in 
> a production environnement.
> Thanks
> Cyril
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