Maybe Ed went a little too far about this.

of course I do not request immediate magical memory solution that would 
enable me to generate my pdf on a cell phone :)

I have read in this list that some people have 200+ pages documents with 
low memory footprint (around 20-50 Mo). I just want to know if someone 
could give me any hints of achieving a nice FOP generation within 128 Mo 
knowing that I am using page sequences under 15 pages.

Thanks in advance.

As for me, the speed of FOP is not an issue. The memory would not be an 
issue if I had not a physical limit of 128Mo for now (too many units involved).

At 15:54 12/12/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>On 2001.12.12 15:39 Ed Howland wrote:
>>In researching this, I found the "Driver.setBufferFile(File buf)" method.
>>set this, but it doesn't seem to work. There are no Javadocs on it. I've
>>at the code but I don't think its being actively called by the renderer.
>>Does anybody know the intent and design of this function? Do any
>>know if it will be implemented soon?
>This was not a full or solid solution and was disabled due to problems.
>>FOP is great, but it requires way too much kid gloving when it comes to
>>performance and memory utilization. I read a note a while back (2000 I
>>that someone said they were trying to achieve 100% conformance with the
>>before they addressed these issues. I might agree with that, but few web
>>browsers were 100% compliant with W3C standards before they were used
>>daily by
>>10s of millions of users. FOP is in a good enough state to be useful in
>>production environments. Isn't it time to address the scalability aspects
>>FOP to meet those needs?
>>I suggest that "out of the box" FOP needs to manage its own resources
>>better. XSLT is already a drain.
>While that is true there are certain things you need to realise.
>- there are serious layout issues that need to be addressed
>- performance and memory is very much tied up to how the whole system 
>works, this makes it difficult to fix
>- getting FOP to a stage where there is a clear development direction is 
>- none of this will happen by itself

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