I would gladly share this info in order to contribute to FOP.

here is the last transcript from FOP :
[DEBUG]: Initial heap size: 1828Kb
[DEBUG]: Current heap size: 127392Kb
[DEBUG]: Total memory used: 125564Kb
[DEBUG]:   Memory use is indicative; no GC was performed
[DEBUG]:   These figures should not be used comparatively
[DEBUG]: Total time used: 67054ms
[DEBUG]: Pages rendererd: 85
[DEBUG]: Avg render time: 788ms/page

As everyone see, speed is ok, but memory ? I thought Fop would dispose of 
all the objects inside a page sequence when it's done.
I have tested the following : adding some content to generate more page 
sequences and fop did you more memory. so there might be a leak somewhere.

anyway, I would gladly participate in whatever plan ther is to improve this 
great FO processor.



>I think first you need to understand what is goind on. So we need to 
>provide information:
>- what the plans and issues are
>- what is currently being done
>I will be working on this!

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