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> While that is true there are certain things you need to realise.
> - there are serious layout issues that need to be addressed
> - performance and memory is very much tied up to how the whole system
> works, this makes it difficult to fix

Are there any discussions on how to reorganize fop on a more scalable
Maybe going to SAX or other internal representations?
Sorry for the questions, I'm not able to check the list arcives right now.

> - getting FOP to a stage where there is a clear development direction is
> difficult
> - none of this will happen by itself


> It appears that more effort needs to be put towards communicating the
> issues involved and the way in which FOP can be improved.

What are the plans for FOP.
Are the releases giong to be so slowly incremental?
I'm really in the need of enhancements on the performance side and I don't
know where to start.
I also needed something that could render fo dynamically but FOP is not made
for this...
How can I help regarding these issues?

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