On 2001.12.12 16:11 Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Are there any discussions on how to reorganize fop on a more scalable
> framework?
> Maybe going to SAX or other internal representations?
> Sorry for the questions, I'm not able to check the list arcives right
> now.

Yes there have been.
This is important information that needs to be more accessible.
Briefly the idea is to keep information minimal and use/dispose of any 
data as soon as possible, failing that a simple caching mechanism will be 

> What are the plans for FOP.
> Are the releases giong to be so slowly incremental?
> I'm really in the need of enhancements on the performance side and I
> don't
> know where to start.
> I also needed something that could render fo dynamically but FOP is not
> made
> for this...
> How can I help regarding these issues?

I think first you need to understand what is goind on. So we need to 
provide information:
- what the plans and issues are
- what is currently being done

I will be working on this!

Then should have a better idea and you can then ask more specific 

For now getting a general idea of the code might help you get started.

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