The information re CurrentPage, etc., is available from the AWTRenderer: it
may make more sense to expose that for advanced users.

The getToolbar() proposal is a shorthand to call all the getAction, getCombo
methods: if you don't want to use it, you can do it the long way using the

I think the interface should be kept as simple as possible, but allowing
people to dig further into the FOP API if they need to: it's pretty hard
work learning all this stuff if all you want is a nice, clean and simple
print preview functionality in your swing app.

Given that the best VB can do is the dreaded Crystal Reports, and Adobe seem
to be backing off the java Acrobat viewer (jvm 1.1.8 latest!) which makes
iText a fairly poor solution, then there seems to be an opening in the
'market' for Fop here.  All my users want everything on paper.

What do C++ developers do for quality custom printing?  I have no idea.


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 AH> More?

 >>     public void print()
 >>     public Action getPrintAction()

 >>     public void zoom(String zoomFactor)
 >>     public JCombo getZoomCombo()

 >>     public void goToPage(int n)
 >>      ...etc...
Some stuff like
public int getCurrentPage() // get currently displayed page
public int getPageCount() // get the number of pages
public int getZoom()  // get current zoom
To simplify custom preview dialog.
And I think
public JToolBar getToolbar()
Should be removed. Instead of this better to provide in samples simple
preview window.
As example I am do not using JToolBar and why I need it into my imports.

Yours sincerely, Ivan Latysh.

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