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 JU> While were suggesting enhancements for the AWT window, here is a
 JU> change I made to the code Ivan Latysh sent me last week.  I needed
 JU> to process XML:FO which is dynamically generated and not .xml and
 JU> .xsl files.  So I modified the run method to take an InputSource
 JU> object (containing XML:FO) instead of two File objects.  I would
 JU> like to see this option added if possible.  It makes using the AWT
 JU> window much easier when the report to be viewed is build from data
 JU> retrieved from a database by a server and sent to a client
 JU> application or applet for viewing.  It also works well with Java Web
 JU> Start, where the placing of .xml and .xsl files on the workstation
 JU> is a hassle due to the JWS security sandbox.

I also did tiny class that retrieve data from your database using XML file with your 
SQL querys
(not only one) .
And return XML file with same structure as supplied SQL.
All this stuff with small demo = 25,181 bytes. And using only SUN JDK.
If you interesting of this - just mail me.

This is targeting for FOP. In case you are working with relational database and you 
need to
build an report.

Yours sincerely, Ivan Latysh.

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