Action[] getActions +1
save(OutputStream) +1

but I like some internal (protected?) means whereby the implementer has to
do no explicit coding atall to get preview/print/save functionality: hence
the getSaveAction Action which brings up a JFileChooser: but as the API also
allows itself to be used for direct printing without previewing, I can't
assume that the preview panel is up so I need to ask for a JFileChooser
parent component to enable it to be sensible & modal.


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> So how about this as the public interface:
> package org.apache.fop.apps;
> public class AwtManager
> {
>     public AwtManager(InputSource fo)
>     public AwtManager(InputSource xsl. InputSource xml)
>     //these are separated so the work of showing the preview can go on a
> background thread
>     public Component getPreviewPanel()
>     public Component showPreview()
>     //possible also to set the saved file type in the save method
>     public void save(Component fileChooserParent)


>     public void save(File f)


>     public Action getSaveAction()

save(OutputStream out)

>     public void print()
>     public Action getPrintAction()
>     public void zoom(String zoomFactor)
>     public JCombo getZoomCombo()
>     public void goToPage(int n)
>      ...etc...
>     //a short hand for lazy people
>     public JToolBar getToolbar()
> }

Action[] getActions()

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