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>renderer options
>- embedding fonts
>- compression in pdf
>- image embedding
>The Driver handles the XML input.
>The user agent information is through the FOUserAgent.
>We could handle logging through the user agent.
>Options could also be handled through the user agent, using mime type 
>selection for renderer options.
>So, what do people think. What other information will be needed.


my 2 cents, shot from the hip   ;-)

Based on both our fop usage here and on dozens of questions I've seen go by
on this list, perhaps it makes sense to consider some support for driving 
various printing options.  i.e., put up the dialog, default to std printer, 
etc.  Clearly the
options are very different for a servlet vs an application.

Also, in view, of the new PrinterServices facility in 1.4, perhaps some 
to allowing the calling framework (servlet or app) to specifying the printer.

And then there is the recurring question of whether -awt generates a panel or
a frame and whether it returns a swing object or not.

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

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