> > Output from FOP:
> > - Generation statistics: Number of pages total
> What about:
>   total=((Integer)processor.getAttribute("fop.totalNumberOfPages")).intValue()
> (Returns 0 before rendering, i suppose. Or is throwing an exception
> better?)
> > Number of pages of each page-sequence
> Uhhhhh, perhaps
> or (less recommended but may get more resonance)
>   pgsq2=((Integer)processor.getAttribute("fop.pagesInSequence.2")).intValue()
> (note the small differences)

Hierarchical data in Maps. Eeeek! (Sorry!)

For these two I've already added a couple of classes you can get that
information from. I've added this just for completeness. Have a look at
org.apache.fop.apps.FormattingResults and the Driver.getResults() method.
My original post can be found here:

> > page-master used for each page (could be used to
> > control the paper bin to get paper from, important for me in
> > conjunction with PS Renderer).
> During rendering or after the rendering is complete?

Both. The PSRenderer could use it during rendering so it can set the
respective paper bins. Currently, I'd need it more after rendering is
complete because I currently generate PDFs that get converted to
PostScript later on and I patch those files afterwards to apply paper
bin selection (and other stuff).

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