I get it now, thanks. I think that's an interesting thing. Definitely,
worth putting on the task list. I could use something like that, too.

> I would like to know where an arbitrary event has
> occured during fop rendering. Let me give you a short
> example:
> i produce a *big* pdf with fop that should include
> another pdf that was produced in another way (i my
> case, it was produced by distiller from a word
> document). That document should be included after a
> <fo:table>...</fo:table> that is somewhere inside my
> document.
> Second example : i want to watermark some specific
> pages according to the content that is on these pages.
> For that purpose, i use iText.
> So what i want is some kind of mechanism (for exemple
> something like <fox:page-number id="myId"/>) that
> would enable me to get an Hashtable that contains the
> page where this event has occured. After getting this
> hashtable, i could run iText-based process to finish
> my pdf. 
> Is that more clear? Excuse me for my
> not-that-good-english, i have also to admit that it
> was not that clear in my head.

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