Hi Jeremias, and all other peoples here,

I would like to know where an arbitrary event has
occured during fop rendering. Let me give you a short
i produce a *big* pdf with fop that should include
another pdf that was produced in another way (i my
case, it was produced by distiller from a word
document). That document should be included after a
<fo:table>...</fo:table> that is somewhere inside my
Second example : i want to watermark some specific
pages according to the content that is on these pages.
For that purpose, i use iText.
So what i want is some kind of mechanism (for exemple
something like <fox:page-number id="myId"/>) that
would enable me to get an Hashtable that contains the
page where this event has occured. After getting this
hashtable, i could run iText-based process to finish
my pdf. 
Is that more clear? Excuse me for my
not-that-good-english, i have also to admit that it
was not that clear in my head.


 --- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a
écrit : > Do you just want to know how many pages were
> rendered (See
> Driver.getResults().getPageCount()) or do you want
> to insert PDF pages
> of your own while FOP is rendering? Or something
> else, because I think I
> don't undertand, yet, what you want?
> > I would *love* to be able to be able to get the
> page
> > number where some event append (for example by
> stating
> > <fox:page-number/> in .fo source) cause it would
> > greatly improve fop/itext interfacing. I
> personnaly
> > use fop to render most of my content but i finish
> the
> > work using itext (to watermark content, reorganize
> > pages to produce booklets, insert some annexes
> written
> > in pdf .. etc)
> > Thanks a lot, whether you implement that or not!
> Cheers,
> Jeremias Märki
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