Hi Peter,

> Aside from my low opinion of SAX for process coupling, there should
> be no need for communication back from the renderer.  
>. . .
cool - I thought the Area Tree code needed to know about font metrics 
and the like, but if this communication is one-way all the better.

Regarding SAX events, I really meant that for structure renderers. What 
I envision (in the context of RTF rendering through jfor) is the 
possibility of using the FOP front-end only to resolve XSL-FO 
properties, like an "XSL-FO preprocessor" if you want.

That's for this "preprocessor-to-StructureRenderer" interface that I 
think using XML makes sense, for loose coupling of the 
StructureRenderers which would then not necessarily be part of the FOP 
code base.

If we agree that XML is good for this, I think generating this XML 
through SAX events allows the preprocessor component to be efficiently 
integrated in Cocoon (for example) later on, without having to 
serialize and reparse the XML.


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