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> On 2002.03.14 09:00 Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> > What I would like to see, is that FOP stops discussing about the
> > resolving, pipelineing and stuff and starts to focus on the core
> > functionality.
> > IMHO, the best way to get this thing going *quick* is to use Cocoon as a
> > pipeline. Cocoon gives you all these features, and gives you a solid
> > framework to work on.
> > When it works on Cocoon, we can see if performance for stand-alone
> > processing is good enough. If not, we can *then* talk about the
> > around FOP, and break eventually free from Cocoon.
> Firstly the Area Tree is unavoidable. We must have a place to do the
> layout and to store the page information.

Right. And flush it ASAP, as FOP already tries to do now to some degree.

> If you want this area tree turned into sax events, it really seems like an
> unecessary step but there is an xml renderer (admittedly simply writes
> text at the moment but you get the idea) if you want to add this extra
> step.

I think that a SAXrenderer could be the solution. SAX is based on calling a
method when a tag begin-content-end is reached. It can be used to
communicate the Area Tree to the renderer in a clean way, whith a standard
To make a renderer use by FOP in this way, you just need to say:"We give you
this xml area tree that conforms to this schema via SAX. Render it". No
knowledge of FOP internals is needed.

> The FO Tree - Layout - Area Tree are the three core issues. This is what
> needs to be done first.

Can't agree more :-)

> For the FOTree to structure document it is a different issue, that I hope
> we will solve one day. Maybe sax events could be used here.

Hmmm... AFAIK FO is about layout, not semantical structure.
Bold is just Bold, and not "emphasis" or "strong".
Maybe I don't get the point. Could you elaborate more please?
Thank you.

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