Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

>From: "Peter B. West" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>There is very active development on FO Tree building, property
>>resolution and layout models.  A lot of that development is desisn
>>speculation, such as the design notes I have been posting, and there is
>>also a fair bit of code, all of which resides with my ISP, references to
>>which I post every now and then.
>I don't like what I think is happening.
>The FOP community is here, what does your ISP have to do with it?
>You have the *right* to branch and continue parallel development here. This
>is how it should be done. If not, it's not a FOP effort, it's your personal

>IMHO it's not necessary, but you have more experience than me on this.
>The fact that I didn't even know of your effort, and still don't know where
>the code is disturbes me somewhat.
>We are talking about having to depend on iText, but it seems to me that your
>effort is not different in this regard.
>Don't get me wrong, maybe I don't understand something, but still I'm very

Your criticism here distresses me somewhat.  How is anyone without 
commit access able to branch the code?  I have been active on this list 
for twelve months or more, so your not knowing of my effort reflects the 
fact that you have recently joined.


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