On 2002.03.14 09:00 Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> What I would like to see, is that FOP stops discussing about the logging,
> resolving, pipelineing and stuff and starts to focus on the core
> functionality.
> IMHO, the best way to get this thing going *quick* is to use Cocoon as a
> pipeline. Cocoon gives you all these features, and gives you a solid
> framework to work on.
> When it works on Cocoon, we can see if performance for stand-alone
> processing is good enough. If not, we can *then* talk about the structure
> around FOP, and break eventually free from Cocoon.

Firstly the Area Tree is unavoidable. We must have a place to do the 
layout and to store the page information.
If you want this area tree turned into sax events, it really seems like an 
unecessary step but there is an xml renderer (admittedly simply writes 
text at the moment but you get the idea) if you want to add this extra 
The FO Tree - Layout - Area Tree are the three core issues. This is what 
needs to be done first.

For the FOTree to structure document it is a different issue, that I hope 
we will solve one day. Maybe sax events could be used here.

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