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> Look at
> <basic-link>a paragraph of text <block>with a block</block> and more
> text</basic-link>
> What about the restriction that a given area's children must all be of
> the one type (4.2.1 Area Types)?  Doesn't that oblige us to wrap the
> block within an inline?  Then that inline wrapper can sit in sequence
> with the inline-areas 't', 'e', 'x', 't', ' ', as indeed the basic-link
> inline-area already sits in sequence with 'S','o','m','e','
> ','t','e','x','t',' '?
> What's your take on this?

There were many discussions last year, as I recall, that espoused this
viewpoint, that the area rules precluded a number of FO-level combinations
and juxtapositions. This school of thought, and I belong(ed) to it, held
that a block or inline contains either block FO children _or_ inline FO
children, but not both.

I am no longer convinced that this needs to be the case. It is certainly
safe to ensure that all the children of a given FO are either block-level
FOs _or_ inline-level FOs. In these cases we have area generation and layout
which is (I think) well understood. But this treatment shows, I think, that
the area rules can be satisfied without having to homogenize the type of FO

4.2.1 is a restriction on areas, as you know. Certainly the areas that I
have diagrammed do not violate this constraint.

> N.B.  I have attached the SVG generated by Dia.  I don't know what the
> quality is like, but if the quality of the generated PNG is anything to
> go by, probably not too good.  If we can all get access to a reasonable
> SVG vector editor that will write PNGs, we will be able to pass the
> editable file around as well, which will greatly facilitate this sort of
> discussion.  Any candidates for a linux-enabled SVG editor?

I'll have to take a look around. I happened to use Visio because it's on the
machine and I'm familiar with it, plus it's a nice piece of gear. The most
recent Visios do SVG, I believe, but I don't have a copy at home.

We could use Postscript as well.


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