Kieron wrote:
> This looks very good.
> I think we should put this somewhere on the site when it is ready.
That would be excellent Not quite done yet.

I missed the attributes in the spec that are only listed as applying to 
elements but are not referred to in the element description. I'm 
confused bt the description of some of these attributes.

"background-position" applies to block-level and replaced elements
(What are replaced elements?)

"max-width"    "min-height"    "min-width"  apply to all elements except 
non-replaced inline elements and table elements
(What are non-replaced inline elements?)

"position" applies to all elements, but not to generated content
(What is generated content?)

The following attributes are listed in the spec as applying to all 
(This makes sense)

"background"   "border-bottom" "border-color"
"border-left"  "border-right"  "border-style"
"border-top"   "border-width"  "margin"

"page-break-after" "page-break-before" apply to block-level elements, 
list-item, and table-row
(This makes sense)

Chuck Paussa

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